SCF has donated funds to scientists dedicated to advancing the field of Regenerative Medicine. In 2009, SCF donated its first research grant of $25,000 to the University of California, Irvine, where studies of restoring mobility in paralyzed rats and research on spinal cord injuries yielded the world’s first-ever FDA approved embryonic stem cell treatment to be tested in humans. In 2010, SCF donated its second 25K grant to Dr. Joshua Hare, Cardiologist and Director of the University of Miami Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, where he is currently using adult stem cells in clinical trials treat heart disease. Most recently, SCF donated its third $25K research grant to Dr. Sally Temple, co-Founder and Scientific Director of the New York Neural Stem Cell Institute, to support their Optic Nerve Injury Program.

November 12, 2011
Dr. Sally Temple, New York Neural Stem Cell Institute; Optic Nerve Injury

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) Dubbed the Havana Casino Night, the event had several highlights including the granting of the 2011 Sabrina Cohen Foundation award to stem cell researcher Dr. Sally Temple. Representing the 3rd receipient of the annual SCF award, Dr. Sally Temple is studying how neural progenitor cells may be employed to create cell-based therapies for neurodegenerative disorders. Dr. Temple is the co-Founder and Scientific Director of the Neural Stem Cell Institute located in Rensselaer, NY. NSCI is the first independent, non-profit stem cell research institute in the USA.
November 6, 2010
Dr. Joshua Hare, University of Miami; Heart Disease

Sabrina Cohen Stem Cell Foundation awards research grant for heart disease – Dr. Joshua Hare, director of the Miami University Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Research Institute, received a $25,000 grant for his research using stem cells to treat heart disease at a fundraiser Saturday night in Miami Beach. “Dr. Hare is a world-renowned pioneer in the use of adult stem cells to repair heart damage,” said Sabrina Cohen, who is president of the Sabrina Cohen Foundation for Stem Cell Research, which awarded the grant.
May 21, 2009
Dr. Hans Keirstead, University of California, Irvine; Spinal Cord Injury

Top Stem Cell Research Scientist to speak in Miami Beach (BUSINESS WIRE) — On Saturday, June 6, Dr. Hans Keirstead, whose team developed the first FDA approved embryonic stem cell-derived treatment for spinal cord injuries, will present his latest findings at a cocktail reception. The host of the evening is the Sabrina Cohen Foundation for Stem Cell Research who will award their first ever grant in the amount of $25,000.


Dr. Sally Temple, NSCI Grant Recipient

Dr. Joshua Hare, UM Grant Recipient

Dr. Joshua Hare, UM Grant Recipient